The WotWots Tickle Toes DVD in Canada on August 22nd

The WotWots third DVD adventure – Tickle Toes – hits shelves in Canada on August 22, 2013 for a suggested retail price of $14.99. The WotWots airs on Corus Entertainment’s 24-hour, preschool channel Treehouse.

Made up of seven episodes, each 11 minutes long, the DVD features the delightful alien duo, SpottyWot and DottyWot, as they nurture and stimulate the joys of learning, participation and discovery through their gentle and fun adventures.

The WotWots from Pukeko Pictures have come from outer space in their steam-powered spaceship to explore and marvel at the extraordinary diverse life on Earth with season one of the television series seeing them arrive in the middle of a zoo.

The DVD features the following episodes:

Tickle Toes

SpottyWot has an itch on his toes that he can’t quite reach, but a kind sister can. And together they find a clever animal that can use its toes just like fingers.

Stretch and Grow

SpottyWot doesn’t like doing stretches like his sister. But when he learns it can make him tall and straight he finds an animal that can show him how to really stretch.

Laugh A Lotty Kookaburra

The WotWots are pulling funny faces and laughing when someone else starts laughing with them. They set out to find who is laughing so loudly from the treetops.

HicHoppity Wot

DottyWot helps her brother who has got a case of the hiccups. Out in the zoo they investigate a croaking animal that seems to be suffering the same complaint.

Double Bumpies

SpottyWot is convinced he’s discovered an animal with two heads. DottyWot is surprised and delighted and they set off through the zoo to try and find it.

Topsy Turvy Wotty

SpottyWot finds a safe spot to do some upside down stunt flying in his chair and DottyWot finds a resident of the zoo who likes to sleep hanging upside down.

Creepalongy Wot

SpottyWot can’t seem to sneak up on his sister so he investigates the camouflage techniques of animal. But how do you hide when you’re blue with pink spots?

The WotWots Stripe A Lotty Wotty DVD and The WotWots Spot a DottyWot are also available for a suggested retail price of $14.99 each.

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