The WotWots Zoom onto DVD for the First Time in Canada

Fans of The WotWots in Canada will soon be able to enjoy the adventures of SpottyWot and DottyWot on DVD with the release of Stripe a Lotty Wotty, which will hit shelves on January 29, 2013 for a suggested retail price of $14.99. The WotWots airs on Corus Entertainment’s 24-hour, preschool channel Treehouse.

Made up of seven episodes, each 11 minutes long, the DVD features the delightful alien duo, SpottyWot and DottyWot, as they nurture and stimulate the joys of learning, participation and discovery through their gentle and fun adventures.

The WotWots from Pukeko Pictures have come from outer space in their steam-powered spaceship to explore and marvel at the extraordinary diverse life on Earth with season one of the television series seeing SpottyWot and DottyWot arrive in the middle of a zoo.

The DVD features the following episodes:

Stripe A Lotty Wotty – The WotWots spot a very stripy animal and head off to investigate. SpottyWot decides he would like stripes as well, and comes up with a clever plan to get them.

Scary Sucky Noise The WotWots hear a strange trumpeting sound and go to investigate. SpottyWot sees a large elephant trunk and decides it must be a long floppy ear.

Lanky Landing Legs – SpottyWot is fixing the long lanky legs of the spaceship when his sister spots two other long legs through the Sneak-a-peek, two long and very pink lanky legs.

Drowsy DottyWot – It is midday and the zoo animals are snoozing in the warm sunshine, even The WotWots are sleepy. But a new animal adventure soon has them wide awake.

Lumpy Bumpies – SpottyWot is making a crayon rubbing from the lumpy bark of a tree when DottyWot spots something else that’s lumpy and bumpy through the Sneak-a-peek.

Plodda Lotty – SpottyWot is in a mood to zoom and he’s frustrated that his sister is moving too slowly. But he’s very impressed when they spot a creature that does everything slowly.

Fluffy Puffies – DottyWot watches some amazing cloud shapes drifting by. She head out into the zoo with her brother to look for any animals as fluffy and white as the clouds.

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