Richard Taylor

Creative Advisor/Executive Producer

Martin Baynton

Chief Creative Officer/Executive Producer

Jeremy Hall

Head of Content Strategy & Development

Stuart McAra

Supervising Producer, Book Hungry Bears

Matthew Darragh

Series Director, Kiddets

Dries Naude

Director, Kiddets

Tim Gaul

Series Director, Book Hungry Bears

Mahria Sangster

VFX Production Manager

Samuel Wilkes

Animation Supervisor, Kiddets

Rafael Malthus

Director, Book Hungry Bears

Rowena Patterson

Post Production Supervisor

Kai Ma

Production Assistant, Kiddets

Leilana Dunn

Episodic Producer, Book Hungry Bears

Clive Spink

Chief Executive Officer

Nick Cleverley

Finance Manager

Duncan Nimmo

Head of Technology

Irena Gretkowski

Finance Assistant

Toni Rasmussen

Head of Operations

Alison Heath

Chief Brands Officer

Kyle Bottoms

Head of Brand Experience

Beau Philp

Creative Services Coordinator/Designer

Paul Reid

Company Director

Richard Taylor

Company Director

Tania Rodger

Company Director

Martin Baynton

Company Director

Edwin Read

Chairman/Company Director

Wang Bing

Company Director