We love to play space!

Kiddets introduces five new WotWot characters, a team of explorers who will one day crew their own ship and set off to investigate other planets.  Young space cadets in training at a play school space academy on planet WotWot, Patches, Dapper, Bounce, Stripes and Luna will learn all the skills they need to embark on a mission to a new world under the watchful eye of SpottyWot and DottyWot who are based on planet Earth.

Each of the five kiddets has an area of special interest such as art or science and every day Is a chance to play and learn and explore, for the galaxy is so big and exciting and so wonderfully complicated.

Celebrating the joy of discovery and learning through play, Kiddets demonstrates the positive values of teamwork and the building blocks of true and enduring friendship.

Season 1 – 52 x 11 minute episodes
Early Education Preschool
Animation – CGI
Co-produced by Pukeko Pictures and Guangdong Huawen Century Animation Company


A sister series to hit animated preschool show The WotWots, Kiddets is co-produced by Pukeko Pictures and Guangdong Huawen Century Animation Company and is the first official children’s television co-production between New Zealand and China.


Created and developed by Martin Baynton

Design Supervised by Richard Taylor who also Executive Produced the series.

Executive Producers also include Angela Littlejohn and Lisa Chatfield

Directed by Matthew Darragh and Dries Naude

Produced by Jane Robertson and Jan Haynes

Writing team Terri Baynton (lead writer), Peter Salmon, Martin Baynton, Roxane Gajadhar, Sacha Cotter, Sarah Harpur, Lauren Jackson

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