Hundred99 Little Heroes is a unique international series of short films following children aged between 8-12 years old from 23 different countries as they make their interesting and at times extraordinary ways to school.

4×50 or 8×25
Short form
Live action
Bunya Productions


Pukeko Pictures and BUNYA Productions contributed a New Zealand and Australian story for this series to join in the total of 23 films (4x 50 minute or 8 x 25 minute films).

For the New Zealand episode contribution Pukeko Pictures followed 11 year old Te Rautawhiri from Christchurch. Te Rautawhiri ’s mother Hana is very active in Te Reo Māori revival in which her son is also fluent. Pukeko Pictures’ contribution is delivered in Te Reo with subtitles.

With the merging of schools and the damage to the area they call home, children from Christchurch have experienced so much and have such a unique story. Te Rautawhiri’s story showcases bravery and strength to inspire the audience of Hundred99 Little Heroes.